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Strengthen quality control, improve product competitiveness
Sources: Manpower Administration Department                Timeline: 2011-04-27
   To establish a "quality enterprise" philosophy, adhere to the quality of life and the principles of the brand extension to the market, Kang Yi Machinery Development Co., Ltd. Yiyang product quality as top priority work, high standards and strict requirements, and continuously strengthen the quality of products, improve product competitiveness, "has become China''''s leading manufacturers of mechanical support," laid a solid foundation.
First, improve the quality consciousness, strengthening staff training
  Make the product truly recognized by the market, the key lies in product quality, have high-quality products, we must have high-quality staff. In order to enhance the quality awareness of employees, the company adopted various measures to improve the quality of full awareness. First, pre-job training for new employees is one of the main content about the quality of the morning every day workshop will emphasize team is also held to ensure the quality of the cadre examination resolutely implement the "quality vote veto." Secondly, the quality of knowledge through the organization of seminars, product quality inspection and other forms of appraisal, so that all employees to care about product quality, participation in quality management, to improve the quality of full consciousness, to which all care about quality, attention to the quality of all good atmosphere.
   Second, proposals to strengthen the system of product quality, improve the quality control process
   To enable quality management standardization and institutionalization, standardization, the company in accordance with the ISO9001: 2008 quality system requirements, learn fine management "with precision and strict, detailed" management philosophy, the preparation of a detailed "quality regulations," "product Quality Manual ", for each part, every process has   identified specific indicators are standard, and gradually establish and improve a product standard, semi-standard, process technology standards as the main content of the technical standard system, to total quality management as the main content management standards to all departments and job performance standards as the main content of the work of the standard system by the overall supervision of the Ministry of the technical quality of the implementation of standards and implementation. At the same time, strict testing procedures, grasp the whole process of full quality control, strict customs inspection of raw materials into the plant, processing checks, inspection and storage related products, substandard products will be allowed the factory to ensure that every process, every A site must meet standards to ensure processing quality and assembly quality. For product quality problems occur, determined to track down in the end quality.
  Third, speed up technological cooperation and innovation, and enhance the quality of research, to ensure product quality
  The company further increase investment in science and technology development efforts through CSR R & D Department, Hunan University and other research institutes and scientific cooperation, give full play to scientific research institutes, colleges and universities technology, human resources complement each other, the company need to be addressed in the development and construction The key technical issues, technological breakthroughs,    achievements and technical consulting services, etc., this series of co-operation to further optimize our technology configuration, promote scientific and technological achievements, and actively develop high-tech industries, to participate in international competition and cooperation has played a a strong role in promoting.
   In the first half, a total of up QCC Group 6, in which the subject of improving the quality of the product 4, as of press time, has completed the task two, QCC use the results to improve product quality, reducing operating costs. At the same time, increasing the physical quality of our products, product final inspection time passing rate to 99%, and further enhance the competitiveness of products.
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