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Employee Grace

      As a member, I'm willing to spend your life with you together for a nice work time. KangYi company is a rich ideal and passion team,full of innovative and enter prising spirit and vigorous vitality.As a mechanical drive professional fields  a famous enterprise, the company has always been to technological innovation, the an idea innovation for development power, fully develop enterprise development space for employee, efforts to build the best professional platform.
   The company constantly developing process, the absorption and cultivate a group of understand management, professional skills and constantly strive for the ,their  table is the precious wealth of the enterprise. We are willing to offer long-term development space and fair competition environment, as long as you work hard, hard work, and then learn from them in modesty, conscientious, unceasingly  you'll get the company's evaluation. Team consciousness and strong sense of enterprise is the source of the
   development motive force, you will find that individual intelligence only into the team will get better development,can make greater achievement.The company advo cates win-win cooperation,advocate the spirit of optimism,advocate thein d    ivi  duality development, advocate healthy, environmental protection,offer more  fully embodies the value of space.
    I'm looking forward to seeing you in such a full of  opportunities, dynamic enterprise exhibit talents, and grow with the company. As a member of the team for the company, your work and janus I thank.Wish you every day in the harvest,a happy work!
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